Details about the Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise and the Duel links Game

Yu gi oh is one of the most popular trading card game and it’s an action game. This game was developed and published by konami and it’s only available for ios and android devices and this game has two players to fighting. There are sixteen characters are added in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game and it’s also included the pvp mode, recently a new pvp mode is included in this game and it’s also called as special duel. In this game has a 224 episodes and each players are using a different type of cards and also many type of booster packs are available in this game like Gem, Gate key, Gold, Jewel, playmate and icons. It’s easy to get those, you just have to hack yu gi oh duel links android and you’re set.

Monster cards: It’s also used to combat and to beating your opponents. When you bring a monster card added to the field is also known as summon .ATK is one type of monster cards and its used to attack your opponent and to reduce their points and the another card is DEF is  a one type of monster card and its really very helpful to you to save your points. There are many types of monster cards are available and they are as follow

  • Effect monsters
  • Pendulum monsters
  • Xyz monsters
  • Synchro monsters
  • Fusion monsters
  • Ritual monsters
  • Summoning monster cards

An effect monster has special abilities in this game and these types of monsters are divided into four types, they are continuous effect, ignition effect, quick effect, trigger effect. In this all category of effects are also used to you to win the game. Before you are started to playing this game you need to select your cards and this cards is also give the details like card name, level, attribute, and the cards types etc…It’s also has a normal monsters and this monsters are has not been a special abilities but it has a very high attack points and defense points to compare the effect monsters. Pendulum monsters have a special type of abilities and you can activate this card to allow you to pendulum summon. Xyz is a special and powerful type of monsters and it will start in your extra deck only. Synchro monsters are always separate the main deck from to extra deck and this cards are cannot combined. Fusion monsters are also place in your extra deck and ritual monster has special abilities to attack your opponents and it’s also summoned a spell cards.  There are many ways are included to adopt the monsters to play the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game in the field.

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