Dead Frontier

Have you ever seen a zombie infestation movie and wondered if there is a multiplayer game to play with zombies in them? Have you heard and played Urban Dead but were disappointed by the text-based layout? Well then, If you havn’t played or tried Dead Frontier, you should rush on down to to create an account today.
The game is completely free to play other than a small selection of items you can buy with real money. The items that you can buy can also be all found in the open map when you are searching through the dead bodies of survivors or can be bought through other players. The entire game is heavily reliant on a player-based economy where you can’t buy anything from a NPC based shop with the game money. You can only buy/sell to/from other players.

If you have some free time, I would highly recommend playing this game. It is very fun to play, has a 2D layout that looks just about 3D and is a great way to stimulate your zombie-survival imagination.

The general layout of the game is as follows. You start in a town after choosing your appearance, gender, and job (Can be anything from a student, teacher, or lawyer to a farmer, doctor and such…). You can choose to have specialized jobs that actually sell products or services, thus earning you some extra cash on the side. In the town, you can access a bank account so that you can store your money (if you die outside with money, you lose all the money). You can go to the forums where you can advertise what you want to sell, buy, or what kind of service you provide. You can access the top player records, or you can go out into the city. When you go out into the inner cities, you can fight the zombie threats by going from one street corner to the next. While outside, though, your character gets hungry faster than when inside town and will have to consume food faster. You can also get damaged by the zombies and end up dieing (Don’t worry though, death doesn’t make you lose your items, just your money). You can venture deep into the city where the strongest zombies and the best items are found, or just put your feet in the water as you fight the easy zombies near town that have no specialties to ’em.

Basically, it is a very good community oriented game that is fun to play anytime of the day. If you have some time, I highly recommend it!

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