Retro System Review: Sega Genesis Retrobit Portable Handheld

There are many retro gaming systems available right now. Some of these systems play only one kind of game, some play up to three kinds of games, and some are portable As many people are aware of China made products can be very cheap quality and most of these systems are made in China. Some of the systems work fine but some do not even work. This means you will want to learn how the system compare before you buy one. The Sega Genesis Retrobit Portable Handheld is one example of a portable system. To find out how the Sega Genesis Retrobit Portable Handheld compares to the other portable retro systems then you need to read on.
From the name you probably already figured out that the Sega Genesis Retrobit Portable Handheld is a portable device that plays Sega games. However unlike most portable handheld and other retro game systems this system does not let you play games from the cartridge. Instead you are given 20 games to play and that is it.

Obviously having only 20 games and not being able to play more is a major drawback. The good thing is that the 20 games that the machine will play are some of the more popular titles and cover a broad spectrum of ages and genres. The machine has classics like Golden Axe and Altered Beast but later made games like Sonic and Knuckles. There are puzzle games like Dr. Robotnics Mean Bean Machine and beat em ups like Altered Beast.

Being limited to only 20 games only some which you are likely to like really hurts the machine. The Retrobit also has all the disadvantages of other portable retro systems. About the best thing that is going for it though it that it does not use batteries as fast as other similar systems. Not taking cartridges means that you do not have any problems with a cartridge bigger then the machine sticking out.

The system can be hooked up to the TV. The system is Retrobit is probably the most portable of the retro systems though because of not using cartridges and taken less energy to run. The emulation is excellent because there are only 20 games to emulate. The controls though are a bit awkward. You have fewer buttons then the standard Sega button which would limit you if you had other games for the system. The A, B, and C buttons are also side wise to fit into the small console. This may make sense to keep the machine smaller but not for a person to actually use.

Overall I am not a fan of this system. If you really just want something with a few games you would like to play that is portable then it could be ok. However being limited to only 20 games when you have so many other options is lame.

Details about the Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise and the Duel links Game

Yu gi oh is one of the most popular trading card game and it’s an action game. This game was developed and published by konami and it’s only available for ios and android devices and this game has two players to fighting. There are sixteen characters are added in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game and it’s also included the pvp mode, recently a new pvp mode is included in this game and it’s also called as special duel. In this game has a 224 episodes and each players are using a different type of cards and also many type of booster packs are available in this game like Gem, Gate key, Gold, Jewel, playmate and icons. It’s easy to get those, you just have to hack yu gi oh duel links android and you’re set.

Monster cards: It’s also used to combat and to beating your opponents. When you bring a monster card added to the field is also known as summon .ATK is one type of monster cards and its used to attack your opponent and to reduce their points and the another card is DEF is  a one type of monster card and its really very helpful to you to save your points. There are many types of monster cards are available and they are as follow

  • Effect monsters
  • Pendulum monsters
  • Xyz monsters
  • Synchro monsters
  • Fusion monsters
  • Ritual monsters
  • Summoning monster cards

An effect monster has special abilities in this game and these types of monsters are divided into four types, they are continuous effect, ignition effect, quick effect, trigger effect. In this all category of effects are also used to you to win the game. Before you are started to playing this game you need to select your cards and this cards is also give the details like card name, level, attribute, and the cards types etc…It’s also has a normal monsters and this monsters are has not been a special abilities but it has a very high attack points and defense points to compare the effect monsters. Pendulum monsters have a special type of abilities and you can activate this card to allow you to pendulum summon. Xyz is a special and powerful type of monsters and it will start in your extra deck only. Synchro monsters are always separate the main deck from to extra deck and this cards are cannot combined. Fusion monsters are also place in your extra deck and ritual monster has special abilities to attack your opponents and it’s also summoned a spell cards.  There are many ways are included to adopt the monsters to play the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game in the field.

Ways to get Diamonds in Boom Beach

If you are willing to play strategy game then boom beach is the best choice because it is developed the great and popular Supercell Company. Actually it is the freemium real time strategy game and it is compatible for all android and iOS device. This game play is quiet similar to the clash of clans but however it is having unique features and gameplay. This game is required players to gather and store the resources which are including wood, stone, gold, higher levels of iron. These kinds of resources are used for upgrading the buildings and troops but this game is used premium currency as diamond. Boom Beach Free Diamonds are available in this game small quantity but players can buy this diamond with the help of their real world currency. Unfortunately most of the people are not willing to use their real world currency. But technology has improved a lot so that players can use the boom beach hack tool. Actually hack tool is the key to increase your resources without knowing other people. It is one of the smart ways to increase your resources because you no need to spend your real world currency. Once you are selecting the best hack tool then you can get the below benefits which is including

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Most of the boom beach top players are used this hack tool to increase their resources and it is safe to use because it might not contain spyware or malware. One of the main benefits of using this hack tool that is completely free to use.

Ultimate advantages of using boom beach hack tool

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Rush of Heroes

The other option is to enter the game’s name and email. This is a great way to get your credit information and to get your account registered. The next step is to find a room that is compatible with your chosen game. This will help you to find the best online game that will meet your needs. The first thing that you should do is to find a site that is reliable and has a good reputation so you can download Rush of Heroes. You should be aware of the terms and conditions of the online casino before you sign up.


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The gaming world has started to develop a lot of popularity among the people. People are now able to enjoy the thrill of gaming without any fear of losing out on the money. The gaming world has been a major source of entertainment for the people.

Also, the mobile phone industry is growing rapidly and it is now a lot more than ever. The internet has made it possible for the people to make their mobile sites more accessible to the public. The world is a global marketplace and it is a great place to look for information on mobile phone. It is a great way to find out about the local market and the latest news.

Clash of Clans Hack Game for current generation

Clash of Clans is a tactic game that has been build for Apple devices and can be getting from the Apple app store. coc hack is one of most popular game which is maximum downloaded from apple store and it is free to download. At present game had game 4.5 start rating. People who like this game spend hours playing the game. This game is also downloaded using the iTunes devices and can be played on both iPhone and iPad. The game was basically designed for iPhone 5 but one can also use the iPod touch 3rd, 4th and 5th generations for playing.

The inverter of game also designed 1 more game for apple store. That game is Hay Day and both of these games are very popular on apple store these days

Game developer has been capable to give dare the likes of EA Sports who have more than 100 games in the web store. This is endorsed largely to the achievement of Clash of Clans which is also capable to gross a lot of cash for the game planner.

This game was uploaded on apple store 2 years back from that time it is getting updated on regular basis. If one compares the old version with new version he can find lot of interesting features in the current version. The current version of the game is 3.124 which are updated in year 2013.

One of best feature of Clash of Clans is that one can choose the language of their choice. Game is available in many languages other than English.

The size of the Clash of Clans Hack is 47.9 MB and I need iOS version 4.3 to operate or it can also be downloaded using the higher versions. The app is very secure and seldom crash, which is a welcome characteristic as lots of game apps tend to crash or become non responsive frequently.

Clash of Clans is a free to download but for extra gems and coins player have to pay some amount. The game designer make profits using this -app purchases as there are lot of player who spend lots in buying gems when they start playing the game. This game is fashion among both the youngster and children’s. Usually player becomes addict of this game once they start playing Clash of Clans. Also parents much are more careful when children play this game because the Children have been known to rake up quite a bill while playing the game. So parents should not share this -app purchases password with children or they can also stop the in-app purchase alternative in the settings of the device to stop children from using real cash to purchase the different items that are on recommend in the store.

Also player can make group with other player all over the globe. This option makes the Clash of Clans more interesting for player as there are many tricks which are used by the player during the game. Game is very easy to understand and easy to play, anyone can easily play just need some skill to win nothing elase.

Become the best Dragon Trainer in Dragon City

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