Some prefers Cheats to any other means

Time has come when a man can be imbued with the real-life experience through some exciting games. Clash of Clans offers such experience, and resultantly the game has emerged as one of the favorite game. Particularly it is online support system has enabled the gamer to master the tricks of playing the game. Who would deny, that cheats are the best means to enjoy the game to the maximum extent possible.
As the regular means to gather gems and other currencies are bit time taking cheats are preferable. Spending real money to access gold, elixir, and gems is also not enjoyable for the champions of the game. Simply that does not match their caliber. In any case Clash of Clan Cheats has attained much popularity than other means to access currencies.

Some of the best Cheats applied in playing the game

Private Server
It has been proved that one’s private server act as the best way to cheat. Under private server, according to the server owner, the setting of the game is customized as per the preference of the player. Restrictions and laid down rules of the game can be broken through private server. The private server can make you much wealthy with no restrictions on currencies. With the unlimited gems, one can advance to any height.
Though beneficial at the initial stages the private server does not fascinate the real warrior. The unofficial ranking does not excite them. The private server is generally not developed caring all the pros and cons of such utility. Along with the opponents cheats the real excitement of the game could be jeopardized.

The manufacturer put on locks on the various operating mechanism of the device. Jailbreaking can be applied to unlock such devices. Sometimes the gamer can apply a device for some other purpose. Jailbreaking is well availed to get control over the resources without any real monitory transaction. The gamer should be cautious in using this cheat instead of acquiring gems in the ways of the game. Overuse of this cheats may disable the gamer to enhance his skill to play the game.

Third Party Tool
The hack engine which is an application or program applied to manipulate the game of Clash of clans. Hack programs are the best means to dominate over fellow gamer. These programs can be availed free or in exchange for a price and be applied in the desired form. But nothing is free of any inherent limitation. If the hack is spotted or revealed by the developer of the game the account may face a ban on life. The consequence of detection in case of coc cheats is no different with the conventional programs.
The game should be played with all precautions and planning to accomplish the very purpose of the game. There should be alternate strategies available to the gamer. Further, the player should look at some new strategies. Some dull period should be handled with perseverance and constant agility.

Retro System Review: Sega Genesis Retrobit Portable Handheld

There are many retro gaming systems available right now. Some of these systems play only one kind of game, some play up to three kinds of games, and some are portable As many people are aware of China made products can be very cheap quality and most of these systems are made in China. Some of the systems work fine but some do not even work. This means you will want to learn how the system compare before you buy one. The Sega Genesis Retrobit Portable Handheld is one example of a portable system. To find out how the Sega Genesis Retrobit Portable Handheld compares to the other portable retro systems then you need to read on.
From the name you probably already figured out that the Sega Genesis Retrobit Portable Handheld is a portable device that plays Sega games. However unlike most portable handheld and other retro game systems this system does not let you play games from the cartridge. Instead you are given 20 games to play and that is it.

Obviously having only 20 games and not being able to play more is a major drawback. The good thing is that the 20 games that the machine will play are some of the more popular titles and cover a broad spectrum of ages and genres. The machine has classics like Golden Axe and Altered Beast but later made games like Sonic and Knuckles. There are puzzle games like Dr. Robotnics Mean Bean Machine and beat em ups like Altered Beast.

Being limited to only 20 games only some which you are likely to like really hurts the machine. The Retrobit also has all the disadvantages of other portable retro systems. About the best thing that is going for it though it that it does not use batteries as fast as other similar systems. Not taking cartridges means that you do not have any problems with a cartridge bigger then the machine sticking out.

The system can be hooked up to the TV. The system is Retrobit is probably the most portable of the retro systems though because of not using cartridges and taken less energy to run. The emulation is excellent because there are only 20 games to emulate. The controls though are a bit awkward. You have fewer buttons then the standard Sega button which would limit you if you had other games for the system. The A, B, and C buttons are also side wise to fit into the small console. This may make sense to keep the machine smaller but not for a person to actually use.

Overall I am not a fan of this system. If you really just want something with a few games you would like to play that is portable then it could be ok. However being limited to only 20 games when you have so many other options is lame.

Keeping an Eye on the Kids

“I don’t want to play this anymore.” the Munchkin said about a browser based game she was given to play “I’m hurting him.” She was a little upset over this so I went to check on the game she was playing. Her objective was to get a robot through some obstacles by jumping. If the robot didn’t make it, he would break. Right after that, he would appear at start all fixed up. In a six year old’s mind, she was hurting someone and it didn’t matter if he was fixed or not.

The Little Dude is all about beat ’em up games. He’s alright with fighter style games or getting the bad guys.However, throw into the mix the good guy losing a battle or someone being sad in a cinematic and it’s all over for him. He’s made someone sad and that makes him sad. This has lead to yet another lesson in parenting and gaming when it comes to the wee ones – you have to understand their personalities and what they are able to handle.

This also determines what I let them play and how they play it. Any game I play, the kids can play in some fashion. But some parts of the game they are kept away from. This also helps Brad and I narrow down what games they can play on their own either in a browser or a console.

When each of the kids play a game, I keep an eye on them. I watch their reactions to certain things and use that to figure out what might upset them. If a game does upset them, I put it away for awhile and offer another game to try out. Usually, that’s not met with too much protest.

It’s very important for any parent to know what does and doesn’t bother your kids. For each one, it’s different because each child has their own personality. Of course, it’s up to us to protect them from certain things as long as we can ( like heavy violence etc.), but sometimes a game that’s as “harmless” as a jumping robot can really upset a child.

Kids can throw you for a loop too. Eventually their tastes and how they feel about things will change. Then, a brand new cycle of what they should and should not play will start again. It’s an on-going vigil for a parent until the kids are a bit older.

Then again, they know more than we give them credit for. The Munchkin demonstrated this when I allowed her to roll a toon in World of Warcraft. She chose a Worgen and started to play. After I showed her the right button to push, she said “Am I hurting them?” in response to the feral Worgen you have to fight. I answered she was and offered to go do something else like fly on one of my characters. She shook her head and said “No. It’s O.K. They’re hurting these people and they’re good people. It’s just something you gotta do.” …Out of the mouth of babes.

Xbox Original: System Provides Quick Access to Game Downloads

One of the latest features to bring itself to the Xbox Live Marketplace are the Xbox Originals. What Microsoft has done is gone back and taken some of the most popular Xbox titles and made them available for download, at a price, of course . So far, it has been kind of mixed reactions between Xbox 360 owners out there on whether these downloads are worth their space or their price tag. They are roughly $15 for one of these games to download onto your hard drive. Wouldn’t it be more worth it to just go buy the physical version?
The most noticeable thing when you download these games is that some of them can be kind of buggy. For instance, Fable has it’s own jittery moment and really weird glitches. For no apparent reason there will be random loud Popping sounds. I’ve played it on multiple televisions and it’s happened each time. Another glitch would be when you change outfits and for some reason, you get this weird slimy effect on the players body. At one point, the map looked like it was tattooed on me. It’s the really small things like this that can hinder your game play but overall, the game ran decent.

Right now there are a total of eight games you can download over Xbox Live Marketplace. Those games include, Burnout 3: Takedown, Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex, Fable, Fusion Frenzy, Halo, Indigo Prophecy and Psychonauts. Sadly half of these games I hardly remember for the Xbox outside of Fable and Halo. Supposedly these games were once top sellers for the system which I find hard to believe. Microsoft probably won’t be putting up any cross platform games due to conflicts and licenses. You can bet games like Halo 2 will definitely appear on Xbox Originals someday.

Each of these games take up a heft amount of space and seeing that most of the games contain annoying bugs, you really should stop and think if it’s worth the money and hard drive space to download one of these games. Sure its convenient to just have it available on your system for whenever you want but in some cases, it’s better just to have the physical copy. Unfortunately half the games on Xbox Originals are probably going to be pretty hard to find since were are well into the next generation of video games and the fact those games released around two to five years ago. Sometimes your only option to get that game you haven’t played in years is to just download off Xbox Originals.

Bottom line with Xbox Originals is if your wanting the game right now and you would rather not go searching for it, then just download it. If you can find a good used copy of the game at your local game dealership, then you might be better off with that. About the easiest games on that list you will find is Fable and Halo. Everything else would be pretty hard of finding except for maybe on Ebay. In the future, Xbox Originals could prove to be a highly rated service but for now, the games are pretty limited since it only launched recently. It is handy to be able to download the games but if you get more than one at a time, they can really add up on your hard drive. Best to go out and buy that 120GB hard drive.

Dead Frontier

Have you ever seen a zombie infestation movie and wondered if there is a multiplayer game to play with zombies in them? Have you heard and played Urban Dead but were disappointed by the text-based layout? Well then, If you havn’t played or tried Dead Frontier, you should rush on down to to create an account today.
The game is completely free to play other than a small selection of items you can buy with real money. The items that you can buy can also be all found in the open map when you are searching through the dead bodies of survivors or can be bought through other players. The entire game is heavily reliant on a player-based economy where you can’t buy anything from a NPC based shop with the game money. You can only buy/sell to/from other players.

If you have some free time, I would highly recommend playing this game. It is very fun to play, has a 2D layout that looks just about 3D and is a great way to stimulate your zombie-survival imagination.

The general layout of the game is as follows. You start in a town after choosing your appearance, gender, and job (Can be anything from a student, teacher, or lawyer to a farmer, doctor and such…). You can choose to have specialized jobs that actually sell products or services, thus earning you some extra cash on the side. In the town, you can access a bank account so that you can store your money (if you die outside with money, you lose all the money). You can go to the forums where you can advertise what you want to sell, buy, or what kind of service you provide. You can access the top player records, or you can go out into the city. When you go out into the inner cities, you can fight the zombie threats by going from one street corner to the next. While outside, though, your character gets hungry faster than when inside town and will have to consume food faster. You can also get damaged by the zombies and end up dieing (Don’t worry though, death doesn’t make you lose your items, just your money). You can venture deep into the city where the strongest zombies and the best items are found, or just put your feet in the water as you fight the easy zombies near town that have no specialties to ’em.

Basically, it is a very good community oriented game that is fun to play anytime of the day. If you have some time, I highly recommend it!